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Attention Teachers:
‚ÄčIf you'd like to collaborate, co-teach a lesson, or have me give instruction to your students, I am available during 1AB, 3B, 4A and 2nd half of 4B. If none of these times work for you, notify me and I can always create an instructional video going over a particular skill.

Collaboration and Co-Teaching? 
- If you want to spice things up, further develop on of your units, or create a more engaging, collaborative project for your students, come see me! We can work together to integrate technology into your lesson that will make learning more meaningful and will engage your students to the fullest.

Topics I can give instruction on: - Conducting research (using databases and judging information credibility (how to spot Fake News)) - Creating a Works Cited and in-text Citations (MLA and APA) - Presentation Techniques and tools (using Adobe Spark, Piktochart, Smore, Voicethread, Canva, etc.) - Miscellaneous Instruction (podcast creation, video creation, websites, blogs, infographics, digital stories...) Email | Call | Stop by the Media Center | ext. 3175

Find helpful tech for the classroom on this page. You can find teacher resources more specific to your subject discipline in the "By Subject" resources.
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