Citing Media

How to Cite Media

Citing media is a bit different than citing text resources. First, the process for locating viable media to use in presentations is a particular process. As an ethical researcher, you must be aware of licenses attached to media you would like to use in your presentations, on webpages, etc. There are two main types of licenses: 
All Rights Reserved
Creative Commons
If a photo, video, or song you'd like to use is All Rights Reserved, this means that the owner does not want their work reused, reproduced, remixed, or copied in any way. However, if the media you'd like to use is a part of ​Creative Commons​, you will be allowed to reuse the media in some form. Watch the video below to learn more about Creative Commons licenses and receive some tips for how to be a more mindful media searcher.

To help you be more aware of how to locate Creative Commons media, use these search tools below:

Citing and Searching for Media, by gpolicastro