Find Your Next Book

Find Your Next Book

There are many great book-finding tools out there. One great feature that many of these tools have today is a "Read-Alike" feature. This feature is highly recommended because it enables you to input a book that you love and find other books that are similar to it. You may get books that share the same genre, style, author, length, or even character types. A couple of book-finding tools are explained below, ones with an asterik (*) have a "read-alike" feature.

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Novelist* Not only does Novelist have recommended reading lists, you can search by the "mood" that you're in, browse by award winning books, or even browse books that have been converted to movies. View login information here if you're accessing the site from home.
LibraryThing* LibraryThing  is an interactive site that allows you to add books you've read to your library, create book lists, engage in book "talks" dedicated to specific genres, authors, series, get book recommendations, search read-alikes, and has an innovative tagging feature which allows you to explore similarly tagged titles. In addition, read through book reviews to find your next book. All you have to do is create a free account and start adding books you've read to get recommendations, or simply start by searching for read-alike books.
 Goodreads* Goodreads  is similar to LibraryThing  in that you can follow tags associated with books and join in group talks dedicated to various genres, series, authors, etc. On Goodreads, rank books you've read to receive personalized recommendations, browse books by genre, date of release, and much more. Although there is a read-alike feature, called "listopia," it isn't as sophisticated as that of LibraryThing  and Novelist. To get to "listopia," search your book you'd like similar titles to, click "listopia," and browse through the lists your title appears on.
 YALSA Teen Book Finder

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Use the YALSA Teen BookFinder database to browse by award-winning books, authors, titles, genre, and award year. It's a great tool to find highly appraised YA books. In addition, take note of the app that's available for IOS devices; this can make it convenient for you to find a great book on-the-go. 

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