Welcome to Robbinsville High School

Established in 2004, Robbinsville High School is built upon the values of respect, achievement, vision, diverse experiences, and success.  The school community is comprised of 900+ students, supportive parents, and dedicated professionals; each sharing the common goal of leveraging academic and extra-curricular programs to open wide doors of opportunity for every student.  Students benefit from being able to take eight courses each year, which are scheduled within a four period A/B block school day.  A wide range of extra-curricular activities, including athletics, is available to students after school making the school campus a place that rarely slows down. 

The RHS program of studies contains a full complement of courses including advanced placement courses in most academic disciplines.  With 76% of Robbinsville students moving on to 4 year colleges and 22% moving on to 2 year colleges upon graduation, our program of studies is designed to offer deep and meaningful experiences within a rigorous curriculum.  For example, in a course entitled Research in Molecular Biology juniors and seniors partake in authentic research cloning and sequencing the genome of a species selected by the Rutgers Waksman Institute.  Twice during the course of the year, students are required to present their findings, the results of which are published.

Robbinsville High School enjoys a unique partnership with Princeton University. Princeton provides coursework to those students meeting the highest levels of success in our school’s most challenging programs. Juniors and seniors can elect to participate in the Jump Start Dual Enrollment Program at Mercer County Community College which allows them an opportunity to complete up to 12 credits that can be used toward degree requirements at MCCC and/or, depending on the program of study, transferred to a four-year college or university.

In addition to state and local mandated courses, Robbinsville High School offers an array of interesting and meaningful electives in the arts, business, sciences, technology and engineering.  Fine and applied arts courses serve as the basis for award winning bands, choirs, and performance groups.  In addition, students can leverage their talent in the fine arts by working in state of the art classrooms with skilled professionals. 

Students with an interest in business can opt to participate in Virtual Enterprise. This series of courses allows students to invent and run a business and creates a strong foundation for emergent business acumen.  In addition, juniors and seniors are encouraged to take advantage of internship experiences designed to offer exposure to an area of career interest.  As part of the school’s technology and engineering program, students participate in Project Lead the Way, a pre-engineering program that has already helped many graduates gain access to the most competitive engineering schools. 

Students enrolled in Mercer County Technical Schools acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for career success in partnership with educational, business, health care, industrial, cultural and labor communities. RHS juniors and seniors can attend classes at Mercer County Technical Schools while simultaneously experiencing in depth course work at RHS.

Robbinsville High School offers state of the art resources, technology, and a unique schedule that attracts a highly skilled, dedicated, and innovative faculty.  The environment is conducive to learning because students are eager to learn and the faculty is skilled at their craft.  Robbinsville High School supports a strong academic culture in an environment where every child can develop his/her full potential.