Transcript Requests Graduates/Former Students

Transcript Requests
Graduates and Former Students
If you require an official transcript to be mailed to a post-secondary institution or an employer, please return the following information to the Guidance Department:
1. Complete the Transcript Release Form and list the name and address of each recipient.  You need to complete one release form for each institution/employer.
2. Click here for the Transcript Release Form
3. A stamped, addressed business-size envelope to the institution/employer with the return address of Robbinsville High School: 155 Robbinsville Edinburg Road Robbinsville, NJ 08691.
4. A $3.00 processing fee for each request.
Please note official transcripts cannot be released directly to students or parents/guardians.
The Robbinsville High School Guidance Department Fax Number: 609.371.7960.
Any questions, please contact Mrs. Lubbers, Guidance Secretary at 609.632.0950 x.3029 or via email at