Philosophy & Services

Robbinsville High School Guidance and Counseling Philosophy

The overall phiolosophy of Robbinsville Schools Guidance Services is to assist students in personal growth through development of educational planning, self-awareness, collection, interpretation and utilization of data, setting goals, decision making and development of career plans.  A program of guidance and counseling, including developmental guidance and exploration, shall be offered to all pupils in this school district and shall involve the coordinated efforts of all teaching staff members under the leadership of certified guidance and counseling personnel.   All counseling services shall be free of bias on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, affectional or sexual orientation or sex, social or economic status, or disability. 


Robbinsville High School Guidance Services 

High School counselors provide many services to the students, families, and community. Their duties span a wide range of activities. Counselors often:

-Assist new students and their families

- Intepret Transcripts/Records

- Explain graduation requirements

-Schedule appropriate classes

-Encourage involvement in extracurricular activities

- Provide athletic eligibility information

- Assist incoming middle school students and their families

- Organize/Administer the PSATs

- Interpret test results and assist students and families in their understanding

-Counsel family about courses of action available to the student

-Confer with therapits, doctors and outside agency representatives

-Facilitate placement changes if remediation is necessary

-Participate in Intervention & Referral Services Committee (I&RS) and 504 committee

-Schedule teacher/parent meetings

-Collect pertinent information from parents teachers, school records, etc.

-Chair meetings and/or attend as student advocate

-Aid with preparation of 504 plans and I&RS plans

-Educate students and parents with the college process at: Sophomore College Planning Night, Junior College Planning Night, Senior College Planning, and August College Workshops for seniors

-Develop contacts with colleges and vocational schools

-Provide opportunities for students to meet with representatives of colleges, vocational school, and the military

-Assist student-athletes who wish to participate in college athletics. Conduct NCAA Information Night to assist in educating students and parents on this process.

-Completed secondary school reports and college letters of recommendations

-Refer students and families to appropriate sources for financial assistance for higher education

-Assist at Financial Aid Night

-Complete National Merit Scholarship Program applications and recommendations

-Organize Senior Awards Night- organize and market scholarship program for seniors

-Supervise/coordinate various special programs: Boys State, Governor's School, Princeton University High School Program, Mercer County Jump Start Program, TCNJ's Urban Teacher Academy

-Act as liaison between home/school and student/family/staff

-Participate in the annual review of IEPs

-Assist in obtaining a tutor if necessary

-Provide crisis counseling and support to family and make appropriate referrals if necessary

-Attend presentations and conferences offered by colleges, professional organizations and state agencies

-Confer with counseling colleagues at regular department meetings