Community Service

Students are required to complete 30 hours of community service by graduation.  These hours must be based on volunteer work and be approved by Guidance, who will keep record. The purpose of the Robbinsville High School’s community service requirement is to prepare students to deal with the complexities of today’s world by actively participating in their communities.
Students may use this section of our website to find opportunities, which will also be e-mailed through Family Connection
Freshman can begin collecting hours on their first day of high school

Community Service Form
*Pre-approval of Community Service is required
What is Community Service?
Community based service learning is service without pay to a non-profit organization, individual or group in need of assistance. The service must be for the benefit of others outside the school community. 


What is the value of Community Service?

  • Acquire life skills
  • Understand their responsibilities as citizens in the community
  • Improve self-esteem
  • Accept new challenges in leadership and responsibility
  • Apply classroom learning to “real life” experiences
  • Obtain higher level thinking skills
  • Explore different career paths
  • Gain the positive experience of helping others
  • *Community based service learning projects shall be performed outside the school day and shall not earn the students any academic credit or co-curricular remuneration or credit in any other organization or monetary incentives.

    To qualify for approval, a project must meet the following criteria:
  • Contribute to the completion of tasks which will benefit the community, individuals in need and/or groups within the community.
  • Not be for a political party.
  • Provide students with an educational learning experience.
  • Not involve direct solicitation of funds for non-profit agencies nor generate profits for a private company.  Students may not handle monetary transactions or collect pledges.
  • Not cause a reduction in the number of employees in the participating organization.
  • Not place students in any situation that would be inappropriate for their age, background, level of maturity or put students at risk in any way.
    Hours submitted that do not meet these guidelines will not be accepted
    If you have an opportunity that meets our guidelines and you would like distributed to our students, please contact Mrs. Vavra with specific information: