Substance Abuse


Addictions Hotline NJ: 1-800-238-2333

Catholic Charities: Offers addiction services that include counseling and recovery related programs.WEBSITE

Corner House: Gives hope to individuals and families facing substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Our treatment program offers a continuum of care and fosters an environment of change, awareness, honesty, and personal responsibility. Clinicians provide support, understanding, and acceptance while encouraging clients to build on their own individual strengths and mobilize available resources to create a healthier way of living.  Also offers prevention programs for teenagers.  WEBSITE

Family Guidance Substance Abuse Recovery Program: Provides outpatient treatment services for a full range of addictive disorders. With locations in Hamilton and Trenton, the program is an integral part of Mercer County's addiction treatment system. The goal of the program is to provide affordable, accessible, and professional addiction treatment for individuals with a primary dependence on alcohol or other drugs. Mental health services are also provided in coordination with the agency's Behavioral Healthcare Services for those with co-occurring disorders. WEBSITE

iQUIT: This is HiTOPS’ comprehensive, accessible, technology based smoking cessation treatment program that is based on current research in tobacco dependence treatment. WEBSITE

Mercer Council: Dedicated to strengthening the foundations of children and families by empowering them to successfully handle difficult, everyday life situations and the impact of substance abuse. Mercer Council actively provides quality alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention and early intervention services in partnership with individuals, families, schools, communities, businesses and professionals throughout Mercer County. WEBSITE

Mercer Council on Alcoholism and Drug Addiction: MCADA is a private, non-profit agency that helps individuals handle difficult, everyday life situations and the impact of substance abuse. MCADA actively provides alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention and early intervention services in partnership with individuals, families, schools, communities, businesses and professionals throughout Mercer County.WEBSITE

New Horizon: Mission is to save lives from the devastation of heroin addiction through comprehensive, state-of-the-art, multi-modal medical, psychological, and social services to the heroin users, abusers and addicted population by offering Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) and detox. We provide and array of services including primary medical care, HIV testing of clients, and individual/group counseling.WEBSITE

Mercer County Office of Addiction Services: Referrals and information. WEBSITE

Local Support Groups:

Addictions Hotline of NJ: Crisis counseling, information and referrals for all kinds of drug and alcohol issues (including prescription and illegal drugs). 1-800-238-2333

Central Jersey Intergroup of Alcoholics Anonymous: Provides local services to alcoholics in the area that individual groups are not able to provide, such as meeting lists and maintaining a 24 hour emergency hotline. Your Intergroup is often where the sick alcoholic first calls or shows up for A.A. help. 609-298-7795 WEBSITE

City of Angels: Please join Carol Feldman, LCSW, CAS, every Sunday morning at the Dwier Center, 392 Church St., Groveville, from 9:00 - 10:30. This is a group open to those dealing with addictions from both sides. Both addicts and codependents are welcome to come. Please email Carol at with any questions or concerns. Remember there is always hope. Recovery is possible.

Al-Anon Family Groups: 12-Step fellowship of families and friends of alcoholics.  Offer comfort, hope and friendship through shared experiences.  Includes groups for children and adult children. WEBSITE

Alateen: 12-Step fellowship of young persons whose lives have been affected by someone else's drinking.  Meetings in Hamilton and Hightstown. WEBSITE

Families Anonymous: 12-Step program for families, especially parents or those with substance abuse.WEBSITE

Nar-Anon Family Group/Narateen: Provides help for family members and friends of drug abusers by offering comfort, hope, and friendship through shared experiences.WEBSITE

Narcotics Anonymous: 12-Step fellowship of men and women seeking recovery from drug addiction.  The only requirement for membership is the desire to stop using drugs.  WEBSITE

Nicotine Anonymous: 12-Step fellowship of men and women who want to achieve and maintain a nicotine-free life. Meetings in Hamilton and Lawrenceville. WEBSITE

Chemically Dependent Anonymous: 12-Step fellowship of men and women whose primary purpose is to stay clean and sober and to help others like us to achieve recovery from chemical dependence. WEBSITE

Marijuana Anonymous World Services: fellowship of men and women who share our experience, strength, and hope with each other that we may solve our common problem and help others to recover from marijuana addiction. WEBSITE

Parent Support Group-NJ Inc.: Helps parents understand and cope with the disease of addiction.  Guest speakers attend meetings on regular basis and referral services are provided. 973-736-3344 WEBSITE


National Association for Children of Alcoholics: Advocates for children and families affected by alcoholism and other drug dependencies. 1-888-554-2627 WEBSITE

National Family Partnership: Drug prevention, education, information and networking for parents to address drug prevention. WEBSITE

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism: Provides leadership in the national effort to reduce alcohol-related problems by conducting and supporting research and public initiatives. WEBSITE

National Institute on Drug Abuse: Mission is to lead the Nation in bringing the power of science to bear on drug abuse and addiction.  WEBSITE

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD): Mission is to support victims and stop drunk driving and prevent underage drinking. WEBSITE

Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD): Aims to support, inform, educate and empower young people to make positive decisions in their lives.  Provides prevention and intervention tools to eliminate impaired driving, end underage drinking, drug abuse and other destructive decisions. 1-877-723-3462WEBSITE

Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA): Mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on America's communities. WEBSITE