Parenting Resources


Catholic Charities: Offers many programs for families that include counseling and need-based services.WEBSITE

Division of Family Development NJ (DFD):  1-800-792-9773

Mercer Council: Dedicated to strengthening the foundations of children and families by empowering them to successfully handle difficult, everyday life situations and the impact of substance abuse. Mercer Council actively provides quality alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse prevention and early intervention services in partnership with individuals, families, schools, communities, businesses and professionals throughout Mercer County. WEBSITE

Mercer Street Friends: Services and interventions are tailored to the needs of each particular young person and/or family and may include components such as anger management, family communication and relationship enhancement, parent education, parenting skills training, and drug and alcohol counseling. All of these services are designed to help the individual and/or family identify their strengths, challenges and resources in order to develop more effective means of meeting their needs. WEBSITE

PEI Kids: Dedicated to promoting and maintaining a safe environment for all children. PEI Kids works with the child, family and caregiver to provide prevention, education and intervention programs regarding personal safety, sexual abuse and the overall well-being of the child. WEBSITE

Support for Working Families NJ: 1-877-951-9514

Local Support Groups:

B.I.L.Y (Because I Love You): Mutual support to help parents with children (of any age) who have behavioral challenges.  Meets in Mercerville. 609-586-1200

F.A.C.E. (Father's And Children's Equality): Support group for non-custodial mothers or fathers and their families concerned with gaining equal rights in parental separation.  Networking, emergency housing, referrals and advocacy for equal access to children regardless of parents' marital status. 856-786-3223WEBSITE

Grand-Parent Support Group: Professionally run support and education for grandparents who provide full or part-time care for grandchildren.  On-going and short term groups. 609-396-6788 or e-mail Barbara Stender at

Mercer Family Support Organization: An organization and partner of NJ Department of Children and Families to care, support, educate and advocate for families whose children have emotional, behavioral and mental health challenges.

NJ Family: Information on various topics for kids and teens as well as local information on events.WEBSITE

NJ Parents' Caucus: Statewide coalition of families of children with special emotional and behavioral needs.  Works to ensure youth's needs are met through parent support groups, parent empowerment training, advocacy efforts and direct services. 1-866-560-6572 WEBSITE

Parents Anonymous: The mission of Parents Anonymous of New Jersey, Inc. is to protect children by strengthening families. We provide mutual support and parent leadership in free, professionally facilitated self-help groups for parents statewide. Hamilton, NJ, 1-800-843-5437 WEBSITE

Parent Support Group: Professionally run support and information for parents of adolescents.  Opportunity to share ideas, concerns, strategies, learn helpful parenting skills and techniques.  Meets in Trenton. 609-396-8329

Parent Support Group-NJ Inc.: Helps parents understand and cope with the disease of addiction.  Guest speakers attend meetings on regular basis and referral services are provided. 973-736-3344 WEBSITE


Boys Town: Changing the way America cares for children, families and communities by providing and promoting an Integrated Continuum of Care that instills Boys Town values to strengthen body, mind and spirit. 24/7 Hotline: 1-800-448-3000 WEBSITE

Foster and Adoptive Family Services: Provides comprehensive information, education, training and support services to foster and adoptive parents. 1-800-222-0047 WEBSITE

Family Pride Coalition: Support, education and advocacy for gay/lesbian/transgendered parents and prospective parents.  Families are welcome. 202-331-5015 WEBSITE

ParentingTeens: Organized articles by topic: Teen Health; Education; Troubled Teens; Teen Drug Abuse; Tips For Parenting Teens; and Other Teen Issues.  All of the articles featured have been written by parents that have gained experience by raising teens of their own. WEBSITE

TeensHealth: Lots of information on various topics for both parents and teens. WEBSITE