Local Support Groups:


Bereavement Support Group: Professionally-run mutual support for persons whose loss has occurred at least 2 or more months ago in Hamilton, NJ. 609-631-6980


Bereavement Support Group: Mutual support for those suffering the loss of a loved one, Trenton Diocese, 609-406-7400 WEBSITE


Caring and Sharing: Professionally-run mutual support for anyone suffering the loss of a loved one. Call 609-587-7072 WEBSITE


Compassionate Friends: Mutual support for parents, grandparents or adult siblings bereaving the death of a child, Groveville, NJ, 609-516-8047 WEBSITE


Concerns of Police Survivors, Inc: Peer support for families and co-workers of police officers who have died in the line of duty.  1-866-576-2677 WEBSITE


Coping with Bereavement: Professionally-run support for those who have lost a family member or friend, Princeton, NJ, 609-497-4900


Iraq/Afghanistan War Family Bereavement Groups: Professionally-run, 609-882-5744 WEBSITE


PetFriends NJ: 24hr hotline for compassionate phone support, information and referrals to people who have lost, or anticipate losing a pet through death or other separation. 1-800-404-7387


Rainbows, Inc: Professionally-run, time-limited support groups for children and teens (4-17) who are grieving a loss due to death, divorce, abandonment or other life-altering experiences.  Groups meet for a specific number of sessions and are held periodically.  Some programs have concurrent groups for the parents. 609-406-7400 ext. 5557


Samaritan Center for Grief Support: You and your family may look to us for assurance, expertise, comprehensive services –and for hope. Hope that we will help you maintain dignity and retain control in achieving your care goals. Hope that we will quickly control your pain and symptoms. Hope that we will empower you to find the spiritual healing and closure that brings peace. And most importantly, hope that we will offer you the resources you need to live every day of your life to its fullest. For hospice care truly is about living fully even as life is drawing to a close. WEBSITE


Center for Attitudinal Healing: Emotional and spiritual support programs for children, youth and adults facing their own or a family member's life threatening illness, long-term diagnosis or bereavement.WEBSITE


Grief Speaks: Giving every child, teenager and adult permission to grieve and providing grief with a voice by means of presentations and workshops that provide education, strategies, resources and support for children, teens and adults who are coping with grief due to all different types of loss. WEBSITE


Samaritan Center for Grief Support: The Center's trained professionals offer their experience, empathy and understanding to the families of Samaritan Hospice patients as part of their hospice bereavement benefit. The resources of the Center are also open to anyone or any group in the community that has experienced a loss - regardless of whether or not they have used other Samaritan services. WEBSITE


Pet Loss Support Hotline: (Mon.-Fri. 6:30-9:30 p.m.) Offers non-judgmental outlet for people to express their feelings and concerns when faced with difficult times regarding their pets. 1-800-565-1526