Ping Pong

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RHS Ping Pong Club

Advisor: Ms. Kanagawa

Ping Pong Club Executive Board: 

President: Collin Astemborski 

Vice President: Nick Savoca 

Secretary: Rose Alebus and Annakah Smolensky 

Social director: Terrence Ho

Chief manager: Timmy Marsch 

Web Designer: Kendal Chmielewski

Treasurer: Alyssa Liou 

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Robbinsville High School Ping Pong Club is to create a fun, friendly and enjoyable environment where students can participate in this game that is widely popular in China. 

Who: Anyone who loves Ping Pong is welcome to join, but you must sign the RDT form.

What: Learn how to play Ping Pong from a Master Ping Pong instructor while having a lot of fun.

When: After School On 2nd and 4th Fridays

Where: C Hallway