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Advisor: Ms. Kanagawa

Chinese Club Executive Board: 

President: Nathan Oliva 

Vice President: Kenneth Lim

Secretary: Rose Alebus and Annakah Smolensky

Social director: Celeste Luong 

Chief Manager: Collion Astemborski 

Web Designer: Natasha Furyk/ Chelsea Setlight 

Treasurer: Alyssa Liou

Mission Statement

Ni Hao! Welcome to the Chinese Club at Robbinsville High School!  We are an official student organization at Robbinsville High School that was established in 2012, and our mission is to introduce and promote Chinese culture to the school and the community. Our primary focus is to have fun, while instilling friendship and international awareness among students who share similar interests with the Chinese language and culture.

WHO: Anyone who is interested in Chinese Culture is welcome to join, but you must sign the RDT form.

WHAT: We organize a variety of events and functions every year, such as Chinese Taichi demonstrations,  Chinese movie events, listening to Chinese music, calligraphy workshops, cooking authentic Chinese food, a field trip to a Chinese/Asian Market, a field trip to NYC Chinatown, Chinese mah-jong games, Lion dance and Dragon dance performances for Chinese New Year, etc.

WHEN: Every Friday After School

Where: Via Zoom


Chinese New Year Celebration: TBD