Chess Club

Advisor: Mrs. Dawn Pemberton

Executive council:

President - Aneesh Sudarshan

Vice President - Hamza Khan

Social Director - Michael Radosti

Secretary - Matteo Mancini

Meetings: Every Tuesday after school until 2:35 in room D104

Mission Statement

This club aims to enhance and bolster the skills of anyone trying to learn how to play chess. After being established in 2018, this club has amassed over 50 actively engaged people ready to play chess, and it’s growing more and more. Whether you are new, or a veteran in playing chess, this club really encourage others to learn more about different play styles, and even has tournaments between the whole club! Besides the tournaments and games of chess, the culture of this club is very casual and everyone is willing to help each other improve their own skills.

Instagram: @rvillechess

Classroom: 4ktqhu