Student Expectations

Expectations of Student Behavior at RHS

Treat all peers, students, faculty, staff and other adults with respect and dignity.
-     Resolve disputes without verbal or physical confrontation (ask for help from teachers, guidance, administration or other sources).
-     Respect and value differences in race, religion, and ethnic background.
-     Avoid any form of unwanted physical contact while in school or at school events.
-     Settle disputes without resorting to the use of profanity, obscenity, insults, put downs, or threats.
-     Treat school property with respect and leave property, which does not belong to you, alone.  Return all found items to the main office.
-     Refrain from improper display of affection in school and at school events.
-     Refrain from all forms of bullying or harassment, sexual or otherwise.

Do the job that the school and your parents/guardians expect of you.
-     Attend School daily
-     Be on time for school and class.  Avoid loitering in stairs and hallways.
-     Be prepared with materials you will need for class.
-     Make the best use of all educational time.
-     Cooperate with all staff members and your peers at all times.
-     Turn in all work within the allotted time frame.

Dress and act appropriately during school and school functions.
-       Students are expected to leave all outerwear in their lockers or homerooms.
-       Clothing with references to alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and violence are not to be considered appropriate for school.
-       Students should refrain from wearing clothing, which displays profanity, or sexual innuendos.
-       Students are expected to keep all head coverings, headbands and sunglasses in their lockers or homerooms.
-       Students are expected to avoid wearing halter tops, tank tops, sleeveless T-shirts, bare midriffs, excessively short shorts or skirts, dangerously baggy pants or exposed underwear, or pajama bottoms.
-       Metal chains or wallet chains should not be worn.
-       Students are expected to wear safe footwear at all times.
-       Students should avoid potentially dangerous, revealing, ripped, and torn clothing.  Excessively tight clothing is not acceptable for school.

Students are expected to contribute to the safety of all members of the school community.
-       Walking is the expected pace students should adhere to within the school building.
-       Students are expected to show self-control and patience when walking in the halls.  Pushing, shoving, horseplay and tripping can be dangerous.
-       Individual teachers can and will amend these rules depending on the particulars of their classroom or subject.
-       It is expected that all students will leave potentially dangerous or disruptive items at home.  There is never a reason for lighters, knives of any size or type, mace, pepper spray, B.B. guns, firecrackers, stink bombs or similar items in school.
-       Students are expected to treat all emergency drills as serious events and behave accordingly.
-       Bused students will be expected to treat the driver of the bus as they would treat a teacher.

Students are expected to value their health and well-being.
-     Students are expected to obey all state laws concerning tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, steroids and drugs of all types.
-     All medications, over the counter and prescription, must be kept in the nurse’s office at all times.  This does not apply to prescription asthma medication.

Students are expected to follow local school policy regarding the following items, which are not permitted in school.
-     It is expected that students follow the individual teacher cell phone and electronic device rules their respective classrooms.
-     Students are expected to demonstrate integrity in academic work; cheating and plagiarizing will not be tolerated.
-     Students should leave excessive amounts of money and valuables at home.  The school accepts no responsibility for items brought to school in opposition to these restrictions.

Students should strive to be positive influences in the school and community.
-       Students should demonstrate pride in their school and community by picking up trash and litter and by using the proper receptacles for trash and litter.
-     Students are expected to keep their lockers clean and locked at all times.
-     Lockers are the property of the Robbinsville Township Board of Education and are subject to inspection without notice.

Expectations of our Parents
-       Parents should play an active role in seeing that students, administrators, and teachers fulfill their designated roles.
-       Parents should be knowledgeable about the progress of their children.
-       Parents should contact the school as soon as they receive indication that there is any type of problem.
-       Parents should provide support and motivation for their children at home and in school.
-       Parents should accept responsibility for the action and behavior of their children
Parents need to work with the teacher in order for their child to succeed.